I am interested in developing my teaching CV and have expertise on social media, Internet culture, online video and screen cultures, ethnographic methods, political economy and theory of media and communications. Please get in touch if you would like to hire me as a (guest) lecturer or seminar leader/graduate teaching assistant.


Associate Lecturer: London College of Communication, UAL
During the 2019/20 Academic year I am a member of the Associate Lecturer pool for the Communications and Media School

Associate Lecturer: Goldsmiths University
BA Media and Communications 2nd year module ‘Television and After’ run by Dr Vana Goblot. Teaching two weekly seminar groups and marking essay and presentation assessment. Delivering lecture on ‘Television and Promotional Culture’ (influencer marketing, authenticity and intimacy) (Autumn Term 2019)

Invited Guest Lecturer: University of Liverpool (London Campus)
MSc Strategic Communication module ‘Digital and Social Media Communication’ run by Dr Wallis Motta on the topic of branding collaborations of YouTube content creators (December 2018)

Invited Guest Lecturer and Seminar Leader: University of Surrey
BSc Media and Communications 3rd year module ‘Data and the Digital in Platform Societies’ run by Dr Ranjana Das on the topic of issues around platforms, algorithms and data for online content creators (December 2018)

Invited Guest Lecturer and Seminar Leader: London College of Communication (UAL)
BA Contemporary Media Cultures 3rd year module ‘Digital Screen Cultures’ run by Dr Zoetanya Sujon on the topic of intimacy and parasocial relationships in YouTube culture (November 2018)