Below are the details of my past and forthcoming workshops and other talks. Please feel free to email me at to arrange a talk for 2020 and beyond:


Invited interviewee: Interviewed by Marissa Willcox about digital ethnography during COVID-19 and my research on the labour of content creators in the online video industry for their #DERC30 series. Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT Melbourne, 5th August 2020. Watch here:

Workshop Co-Leader: ‘Twitter for Anthropologists’ Twitter panel #TNELive. LSE Digital Ethnography Collective and The New Ethnographer collaboration, Esuropean Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Conference, 21st July 2020. Available at:

Invited Workshop Leader: ‘Doing fieldwork online’ Zoom seminar. Anthropology & Sociology (ANSO) PhD Summer Online Seminar Series, The Graduate Institute Geneva, 14th July 2020.

Invited Speaker: “Help! My field-site has evaporated, what do I do now?” Zoom seminar. The Ethnography Circle, The University of Warwick, 30th April 2020.

Invited panellist: ‘Conducting digital ethnography during a pandemic’ Twitter panel. The New Ethnographer #TNELive, 9th April 2020.

Workshop leader: ‘What is it like to work in the creative industries?(social media and television). Careers in Creative Industries Week. London School of Economics, 14th February 2020

Invited speaker: ‘“Don’t forget to like, subscribe and turn on the bell notifications!” An Ethnography of YouTube Creators’ Labour’. The Oxford Digital Ethnography Group. University of Oxford, November 2019


Workshop leader: ‘Using Nvivo for (digital) ethnographic data analysis’. LSE Digital Ethnography Collective. London School of Economics, October 2019. Watch here:

Invited speaker: ‘Autoethnography as a method for studying the online video industry’. UCL Digital Anthropology seminar series. University College London, 19th February 2019